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European Portuguese/ English Alphabet Letters Posters - Letra N

European Portuguese/ English Alphabet Letters Posters - Letra N
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About This Product

Introducing: The European Portuguese/English Alphabet Letters Posters with focus on 'Letra N'

A delightful asset for educators and homeschooling parents teaching kindergarten to second grade students, this resource is an exciting blend of practicality and visual delight.

Key Benefits:

  • Captivating introduction to the Portuguese language
  • Dual purpose as an educational tool and classroom/home decoration
  • Framed by vibrant hues promoting memory retention through color psychology

About The Poster Series

Each member in this all-inclusive series focuses on one letter of the alphabet at a time, featuring upper and lower case versions of the letter, bilingual words with definite articles demonstrating Portuguese language's gender grammar structures.

'Letra N' stands as one such example from this collection.
The Importance of Structure Exposure in Language Acquisition

This comprehensive package does not solely focus on vocabulary but introduces learners to global languages' building blocks. Teachers or parents can curate lessons around it during group sessions or assign it for homework tasks.

Premium quality PDFs conforming to US letter sizes (8.5x11)

Easily downloadable high-resolution PDFs ensure that quality is not compromised—creating a supportive environment where young linguists earnestly explore dual languages.

Note:: This package contains three pages -
  1. The Letter Poster page featuring 'Letra N’,
  2. An instruction page supporting its usage,
  3. Last but not least, terms-of-use ensuring ethical use surrounding these charming Alphabet Posters!

What's Included

A PDF with 3 pages.

Resource Tags

Portuguese language Alphabet posters Bilingual learning Language acquisition Classroom decor

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