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Executive Functioning Poster and Activities

Executive Functioning Poster and Activities
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About This Product

Do you have students who struggle with Executive Functions? Use these cards as a warm-up or as your main activity to practice important Executive Functioning skills.

Students will be practicing the skills of focus, self-control, flexible thinking and working memory.

What's Included

Included Please Find 13 Pages:

> Detailed Instructions

> Activity 1: Opposite It: Hold up the cards, one at a time. As each card is shown, the student must say the opposite of what he/she sees on the card, using flexible thinking and working memory

> Activity 2: Opposites Memory: Use these cards to play Opposites Memory. Lay cards out in 7 rows of 4 cards. Students get a match, when they turn over 2 opposites. As in classic memory, place all cards picture side down and have students take turns turning 2 cards over, leaving each card face up as they say what they see on the card.

> Activity 3: Name It: Hold up a card and have student(s) name 3-5 things in that category. For a more difficult challenge, list 3-5 things that are opposite {or would not be related to the given category}.

> For a great challenge for older students in a large group/whole class, have students try to come up with something in the given category by going through each letter of the alphabet.

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