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Extreme Weather Research Project Foldable

Extreme Weather Research Project Foldable
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About This Product

If you are looking for science activities that are designed to let your students get creative, look no more. This is an Extreme Weather Research Project Foldable that will allow students to learn about weather types and present research in an interactive way!

What You Get:

-- Foldables for 9 different natural disasters

-- Different brochure page options

-- A digital Google Slides version for students

-- Notes pages to accompany and guide students’ research

How To Use the Extreme Weather Research Project Foldable:

The Extreme Weather Research Project Foldable will give students a chance to work together to research different natural disasters and then report on their findings. There are blank brochures and brochures with directions. Choose which templates best fit your students’ needs and get to the fun! You can let students pick which natural disaster they want to research, or you can have them draw out of a hat to find out what they’ll be researching. Each notes page will include text structure focused questions to guide research and help with completing the foldable. This activity is perfect for Open House or Parent’s Night for students to show off their hard work!

I hope you enjoy!

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