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Elon Musk - Reading Worksheet, Activities & Full Lesson Plan

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About This Product

Teach your students about this legendary inventor and businessman with this high-quality worksheet. This Elon Musk worksheet and lesson plan has pre-reading activities, reading analysis, vocab, discussions and youtube clips.

Great for ESL/ELL classrooms or English classes.

Grade / Proficiency level.

My reading materials are suitable for upper-intermediate or advanced ESL learners (B2/C1). They would also be suitable for grades 6-8. The following is the first paragraph for you to gauge the level.

"How much difference can one person make to the world? Well, if you’re Elon Musk, a significant amount! The South African-born entrepreneur has caused upheaval in a number of the world’s key industries. Listed as Time’s most influential person of 2021, he is on a one-man mission to make the world we live in a better place.

Initially making his fortune through internet start-ups such as Paypal, in the late 90’s, he first garnered international attention when he created the aerospace and space transport services company, SpaceX."

Includes FULL lesson plan

Pre-task Discussion - engage your students and activate their schema with interesting and unique discussion questions.

Links to Youtube clips for linked activities - test your students’ listening skills

Skimming and Scanning Reading Activities - improve these key reading skills with these reading comprehension questions

 Full Lesson Plan - save time on planning with an easy-to-follow lesson plan

Vocabulary Review - build your students' vocabulary in this vocabulary review

Comprehension Check - check full understanding and comprehension with these questions

Discussion/debate - a post-reading discussion or debate activity to work on speaking skills

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What's Included

Worksheet & Lesson Plan with answers

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