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Fantasy-Themed Math Escape Room Lesson 1

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Grade 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Fantasy-Themed Math Escape Room Lesson 1

The Fantasy-Themed Math Escape Room Lesson 1 blends elements of fantasy storytelling with interactive learning, making math adventurous for grades 4 through 6. Students embark on a quest applying multiplication and division skills throughout a thrilling narrative centering around a knight's journey to locate the legendary dragons in the Kingdom of Bridan.

The Story:

In this lesson plan, students transform into investigators. Their task? To find and collect a scale from the first mythical creature—the Water Dragon—in exchange for a significant reward from the Royal Library. This hands-on lesson creatively meshes critical thinking skills with practical math problems that progressively increase in complexity.

The Resource:
  • Equips educators with activities leading to an approximately hour-long immersive classroom experience.
  • Involves children drawing upon their multiplication and division knowledge to solve puzzles along their adventure.
  • Can be used as reinforcement or extension task if there is extra time after concluding four primary phases, thus fostering versatility in class involvement - whether group collaboration or independent study projects.

Utilising immersive narratives seamlessly integrates learning experiences into children's spheres of imagination thereby making Mathematics so much more exciting- one mathematical puzzle at time!


Easily accessible via PDF format, The Fantasy Themed Math Escape Room Lesson sharpens problem-solving skills while connecting abstract concepts to practical applications. An enjoyable homework assignment that makes teaching & learning unforgettable right from onset!

What's Included

Materials Needed:

- Pen or pencil

- Paper

Introduction (5 minutes)

Activity #1: Royal Library (10 minutes)

Activity #2: Ruins of Aleas (10 minutes)

Activity #3: The Mountains (15 minutes)

Activity #4: Snow Cave (15 minutes)

Extra Time Activity: Knights and Dragons

Conclusion/Review (5 minutes)


The library is huge. There are many floors packed from floor to ceiling with

bookshelves. You are led to a room near the top of the library by an old librarian.

You find a dusty book that references the Water Dragon. You blow off the dust and

look inside. You find a page marked by a bookmark. (SHARE: Slide #3) Maybe this

page will help lead you in the right direction.

Possible Questions:

What is your plan to solve this puzzle? What do you think it means to “match the

equals?” What is a way you could match them? What numbers do you get when you

solve all the equations? How can you match the answers to the equations together?

What if you drew a line to connect the matching equations?

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