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Farm Sensory Table

Farm Sensory Table
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About This Product

Farm Sensory Table

Support your students’ learning with this Farm Sensory Table. This resource was specifically designed to sharpen writing, math, and vocabulary skills.

What You Get: (included in color and black and white) 

A 22-page printable PDF. The PDF will include activity cards and a title cover option to use for the bin that you store the cards in.

How to Use the Farm Sensory Table:

This farm sensory table is great for a fall, farm, or plant thematic unit. Students can build a farm using animal and fence toys. I use corn as a filler material but beans, rice, seeds, and other materials would work as well. There is an Old MacDonald mini book included that shows different animals and the sounds they make and encourages students to read and sing as they play. There are farm animal word reference cards that can be hung on a bulletin board near your sensory table to promote writing. There is also a writing response sheet that asks students to draw the farm they are building. This is a great tool for integrating reading and writing into your sensory table.

I hope you enjoy!!

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