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Father's Day | Dad's Birthday ELA Project

Father's Day | Dad's Birthday ELA Project
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Grade 1, 2, 3



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Father's Day | Dad's Birthday ELA Project

As an educator, achieving a balance between learning engagement and substantive content is key. The Father’s Day | Dad’s Birthday ELA Project fits seamlessly into this framework. Built primarily for Grade 1 to Grade 3 levels, but flexible enough for homeschooling settings and ESL or EFL education, this resource facilitates creative expressions of love and appreciation for fathers.

The Teaching Pack includes:
  • Differentiated four 'My Super Dad' certificate layouts.
  • Fifteen unique themes with vibrant images.

This teaching resource can be woven into various contexts: individual or group activities, within school hours or as take-home assignments—a testament to its versatility!

Language Arts Focus:

The language component presents an opportunity to enhance writing skills amidst holiday celebrations like Father's Day, birthdays as well as in displaying appreciation at any time.


. This project encourages children not only to grasp the importance of significant occasions but also appreciate daily efforts made by their fathers—translated beautifully in their craft. Fitting perfectly within curriculum subjects like:

  1. Holidays
  2. Language Arts
    • Father’s Day exercises
    • Handwriting practice
    • General English lessons

In summary,the ‘Father’s Day |Dad’s Birthday ELA Project’ is a fun yet profound educational tool—withstanding entwined values whilst developing artistic sense & communicative skills amongst young learners.

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