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Feelings: A Sad, Mad, Grumpy, Happy Good Time Gr. 1

Feelings: A Sad, Mad, Grumpy, Happy Good Time Gr. 1
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Life Skills


Grade 1



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About This Product

Feelings: A Sad, Mad, Grumpy, Happy Good Time Gr. 1

Feelings: A Sad, Mad, Grumpy, Happy Good Time Gr. 1, is an excellent teaching resource for educators who wish to delve into the critical spectrum of human emotions their grade one students experience daily. This product blends fields typically kept separate - Social Studies, Health and Language Arts - thus making it easier for teachers to integrate lessons across subjects seamlessly.

This unique resource shifts its focus each day onto a new emotion such as Happy, Sad, Mad, Scared and more. This approach not only helps learners recognize their feelings but also equips them with strategies to manage these emotions effectively.

Engaging Activities

  1. Brainstorming activity: Kicks off the lesson by prompting students to share their ideas.
  2. New sight words: Introduced through study component which helps in broadening their vocabulary range.
  3. Literacy skills: A spelling activity aimed at strengthening literacy skills in aspiring readers and writers.
  4. The writing book and accompanying activity book activities :Aids reinforcement of learners' understandings about the emotion being treated on any particular day.
    1. Furthermore,

      In addition to boosting emotional intelligence and literacy skills among first graders these resources also feature games that make learning fun!

      The match game

      is particularly notable because it encourages useful cognitive associations between different concepts related to emotions way beyond rote memorization.

      Mental health discussions can be incorporated into grade one using this resource allowing for group or individualized work both in-class or assigned as homework.

      In conclusion,

      Understanding our emotions forms an essential part of growing up. Both homeschooling parents and public school teachers will appreciate having this invaluable tool from at their disposal as they journey through educating youngsters on things that matter most; understanding themselves better.

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