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Feelings Journal | Today I Feel | Check-in | Identifying Feelings Preschool

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Feelings Journal | Today I Feel | Check-in | Identifying Feelings Preschool is a comprehensive teaching resource specifically designed for early learners, kindergarteners, and students in grades 1 to 3. It comes as a downloadable PDF, promoting students to express their feelings fluently and openly.

Promoting Emotional Literacy

The book encourages emotional literacy, providing multiple ways for students to identify and articulate their daily feelings. The journal features three main emotions per page - happy, sad or mad, that allows children to color in the emotion they are currently feeling.

  • The journal includes sheets with blank spaces for drawing aimed at younger kids.
  • It also provides lined sheets intended for older children who have already started writing.

Covers design:

The Journal offers various cover designs catering to different tastes – ranging from options showing boy/girl images or an endearing cloud with hearts design; heightening its visual appeal for young learners.

Educational Uses

Besides individual use, teachers can readily integrate these journals into group learning at instructional centers.
They're equally useful during personal check-ins where educators aim at establishing deeper connections with each student right at their desks!

  • Morning use of these journals as part of check-in routines can foster positive peer interaction sharing experiences and feelings first thing each day!
  • Incorporating them into designated calm down areas within classrooms enhances emotional understanding and self-regulation skills.
  • Sending them home as homework assignments can assist parents in reinforcing emotion recognition during distance learning phases.
In conclusion, 'Feelings Journal | Today I Feel | Check-in | Identifying Feelings Preschool' serves as a versatile tool teaching students critical life skills and nurturing emotional intelligence effortlessly; making it an invaluable resource every educator should consider implementing.

What's Included

The journals include a boy and girl cover, blank pages for drawing and lines for older children to write. There are three emotions on each page for children to choose and color (happy, sad, mad) along with a space for the date. Just print off back to back on standard paper to create a booklet for the child. There are 3 covers to choose from: boy, girl, and a cloud with hearts. You may choose to laminate and/or bind the journals.

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