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Winter Feelings Journal | Feelings Writing | Feelings Journal | Coping Skills for Kids

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Winter Feelings Journal: A Valuable Teaching Resource

The Winter Feelings Journal is a resource aimed to incorporate social emotional learning in a Kindergarten to Grade 4 classroom setting. It endeavors to assist children in identifying and expressing their emotions, providing ample opportunities for self-reflection and expression.

Inclusion of Emotions

The journal incorporates seven distinct emotions; Happy, Sad, Mad, Scared, Worry, Proud and Excited. Each comes with an accompanying description and space for students to record the date they experienced these feelings.

Daily Reflections

  • The journal features a sector dedicated to daily reflections where students can write about their day-to-day experiences.
  • This specifically targets understanding how certain events prompt specific feelings or coping techniques on any given day.

About My Day Section

An invited opportunity lies in the 'About My Day' section provided allowing learners to make note of something new learnt each day along with three specific elements that brought happiness or added value in terms of gratitude.

Emphasis on Versatility:

A full-page version is available for educators during taught classroom hours whereas mini half-page versions encourage continuity outside school boundaries serving well as homework tasks or free-time activities.

Last-Minute Tool-in-Hand :

Select sheets from this journal could be put to use effectively for quick check-ins with individual students as needed without disrupting ongoing group activities.

Coping Mechanisms & Emotional Familiarity: The Essential Learning Outcome:
The younger demographic may not come equipped naturally with effective coping mechanisms making it important within educational frameworks thus carving out an upward curve of growth by means of incorporating such tools.
The Winter Feelings Journal steps in as just that valuable aid making it simpler for students to familiarize themselves with various human sentiments whilst concurrently expanding their vocabulary related to feelings and emotion-related expressions.
Closing Note

Incorporate this journal into your teaching methodology aiding in all-rounded development of your students notably contributing to emotional understanding.

What's Included

Included Emotions:








About My Day:

- Something I learned today...

- 3 thing that made me happy today...

- 3 things that I am grateful for today...

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