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Film Intermediate Lesson Plan

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

All About Film is an engaging intermediate ESL lesson plan for educators to teach students about the art of filmmaking. Students will listen to an informative audio clip to learn key concepts and vocabulary about cameras, lighting, screenwriting, directing, editing, and more aspects of moviemaking. After the clip, students will demonstrate their comprehension by thoughtfully completing several integrated exercises covering reading, writing, critical thinking, and grammar skills. This versatile resource can be easily adapted for whole class instruction, small groups, individual assignments, or homework. Presented through multiple formats like PDF and Google Apps, the All About Film lesson includes detailed teacher instructions, handouts, answer keys, and extension activities for diverse classroom implementation.

This ESL ELA TEFL lesson plan is started with some new flash cards and a warmer and then followed by learning some vocabulary suitable for the lesson. That's followed by a reading passage and some exercises before students listen to an audio file. The class is finished with another exercise, conversation topics and an activity. If there is time there is an added writing drill and further exercises that can be completed in the classroom or set as homework.

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