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Final or Ending Sounds Phonic Game Sound Awareness

Final or Ending Sounds Phonic Game Sound Awareness
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About This Product

A fun pack of two games to help children to develop the important phonic skill of hearing the final (or ending) sound of a word. It covers the final sounds: t, d, k, g, p, b, m, s, n.

Choose from: Build A Castle, or Win the Race. The games are the same whichever you choose and use the same picture cards - but the choice of the game board means that children will not get bored playing the game again and again - plus the fact that you can increase the fun level to keep the chidlren playing! (see below).


This game pack has been designed to give children much practice in hearing the final sound of a word, something which many children struggle with, especially those with a speech delay.

It is hoped that as the child has fun playing the game that the child's phonetic awareness can be developed.

The game can also be used within speech therapy to help children distinguish between sounds which are produced in a like manner: k/g; p/b; t/d. Many children have difficulty with sounds that are produced using the same part of the mouth/voice/tongue. If this is true of your pupil then I suggest that you start by playing the game with two sounds which are not at all similar. 

Once the child can confidently hear the final sound of a word, then the game can be played with sounds which are similar to help the child’s speech development and the ability to carefully discriminate between like sounds.


These games are suitable for children for any children of any age who need to learn to hear the final sound of a word. Games make learning easy and children learn without knowing they are!

Pre-K to teens with special needs will all love these games.

The fact that the games allow for the challenge level to be increased is an added factor, making them games that children and young people will want to play again and again - all good practice to secure the skill of hearing that final sound!

How many players?

It is suggested that at first, each child plays alone with an adult until they are hearing the final sound. Then, up to 4 children can be invited to play together.

Simply print out the number of game boards you need.

Increase the fun level!

Begin by playing the game simply. Once the child gains confidence and you wish to play again with sounds that are produced in a similar way or to give further practice, then add in some fun. Flag or wheel cards can be scattered amongst the pictures and the teacher can choose what these mean - either extra turns or 'miss a go'.


I made this game for a ten-yr-old reluctant pupil. It worked and now he can hear the final sound! Win Win!!

What's Included

1 PDF File

2 versions of a game

63 picture cards

Full instructions

Picture Key

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