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First Day of School Easy Activity, All About Me, Back to School

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About This Product

First Day of School Easy Activity, All About Me, Back to School

This product charters a new course in educational resources providing an ideal icebreaker for the first day of school. In its essence, it dissipates student nerves and kindles a warm classroom atmosphere.

All About Me Booklet

The All About Me booklet is low maintenance and user-friendly. It's printed in a compact format that allows it not to overwhelm early finishers or overstretch morning assignments.

Varied Activities

  • 'Mini About Me'
  • 'Mindful Coloring'
  • 'Gratitude List'
  • `
  • 'Positive Affirmation mirror drawing'

The activities present opportunities for even the shyest students to communicate their thoughts and feelings effectively. The spectrum of topics caters equally well from Kindergarten through Grade 5. It also adeptly combines subjects such as Art & Music with special occasions like back-to-school season thereby supporting diverse teaching methods.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Focus

A resonate theme of SEL runs throughout this booklet. While subtly encouraging self-care amongst students on one end, on the other end it hands out essential insights into pupil's innerworlds - information unlikely to surface otherwise within weeks or months!

Miscellaneous Usage

Beyond direct application in classrooms lessons, these worksheets can be handed out as homework as well. The entire material is available in PDF format ensuring smooth unformatted printing across all platforms.

In summary,

    This resource:
  • Provides a novel teaching method of socio-emotional skills including self-expression
  • Assists not only teachers in regular classrooms but also special educators in fields such as social counseling or language pathology therapy.

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