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Behavior Management Visual Tool, Coping Skills Tool, Classroom Tools

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About This Product

Title: Behavior Management Visual Tool, Coping Skills Tool, Classroom Tools

This teaching resource is an innovative behavior management visual tool that helps children develop coping skills in a dynamic and interactive manner. The importance of coping skills for students cannot be overstated as they are not only crucial for maneuvering the varied challenges faced within their educational environments but also significant life skills.

The versatility of this resource allows it to be effective across environments - homes, classrooms, playgrounds to sports events and during conflict resolutions. Essentially any situation where a child may experience challenging emotions.

Ease of Assembly and Use:

  • The ease of assembly involving simple velcro pieces allows easy interchangeability even for the shyest or most introverted children.
  • Clear visuals promote effortless understanding fostering student engagement with open dialogue about feelings.

This tool incorporates 12 different emotions from comfortable to uncomfortable states alongside 12 practical coping strategies. The assembly requires just a laminator, key ring, and velcro pieces.

Potential Uses:

An inclusive morning routine where students share their current feelings with the class and collectively practice chosen coping strategies when some peers indicate feeling offbeat can be one unique use case - promoting empathy among students as they navigate these acquired skills independently over time

Listed Emotions:

  1. Happy
  2. Sad
  3. Worried,
  4. Scared etc.,
  5. Coping Mechanisms Incorporated Include:
    • Yoga Exercises


    This tool has proven effective and teachers have noticed significant improvements in their classroom atmosphere; promoting active participation in dealing with peers' emotional needs effectively without any additional adult supervision.

    Who Can Benefit:

    Ideal for public school teachers keen on incorporating social-emotional learning within classes spanning preschool up till grade four, and homeschoolers alike who find value instilling life-skills early on due to its highly adaptable design supporting large group discussions, small group activities or individual assignments.

    Conclusion: The incorporation of this tool into teaching routines enriches regular lessons by subliminally incorporating social and emotional learning aspects into daily classroom culture. Not only does it boost academic skills but also enhances emotional intelligence for a well-rounded education.

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