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What I Love About Me, All About Me, Back to School Craft

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About This Product

What I Love About Me, All About Me, Back-to-School Craft

This educational resource caters to learners ranging from Preschool to Grade 5. It gives children the chance to express and illustrate their favorite people, places, and activities.

Classroom Applications
  • It can be used as a back-to-school activity for building camaraderie amongst students.
  • The craft can be utilized for special events like Valentine's Day.
  • Suitable for both in-class and homework assignments.
Towards Self-Love & Gratitude

The goal of this project is to foster self-love and teach gratitude among students by making them reflect on the things they appreciate in their lives such as 'My Home', 'My School', 'My Friends', 'My Family' and 'My Hobbies'.

Versatile Duration Activity

This activity offers flexibility in its duration. It could either be a one-day project or stretched over an entire week depending on classroom schedules. Children are encouraged to share parts of this project every morning which also results in engaging bulletin board displays!

Celebrating Emotions & Personal Growth

The flip books created through this activity serve both as keepsakes that capture emotional growth over time and tools that provide useful input regarding Social Emotional Learning (SEL). This helps educators adapt lessons according to student's emotional responses tracked over time.

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