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First Day of School Rule Setting & Expectations

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Miss Le
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About This Product

First Day of School Rule Setting & Expectations

Teachers after an effective tool for establishing classroom rules can now rejoice with the First Day of School Rule Setting & Expectations resource. Aimed primarily at grades 2 through 6, this resource provides a dynamic and interactive way to outline classroom procedures and expectations from the very start.

The significance of clear-cut and explicit expectations for behavior and academics is paramount, which this teaching aid duly addresses. It adds a fun twist to this process through drama and acting, transforming monotonous rule-setting talks into engaging interaction sessions. Students get to participate by demonstrating both correct and incorrect behaviours.

  • This resource offers sticky notes as another fun tool to encourage student participation as they pen down their thoughts on potential results—positive or negative—of behaviors which are then collectively reviewed using a whiteboard.

Inclusion in the package are editable PowerPoint slides adaptable for teacher's modification according to class needs, along with compatibility with interactive smartboards often used in classrooms. An invaluable feature is an editable checklist that ensures systematic discussion of various routines, procedures, education standards - making sure nothing vital is missed out!

To match the energy level of young students, this kit includes animated slides that add an engaging dynamism throughout your discussions.

  • A4 printable slides act as backup materials suiting students who prefer physical printouts over digital content or if tech glitches encounter someday!
  • A Classroom Rules Contract serves as tangible evidence of everyone’s acknowledgment regarding the agreed norms expected throughout academic year fostering peaceful environment conducive towards learning! Any deviations trigger use Time Out Behaviour Reflection slips encouraging self-reflection instead traditional punitive approach!
Note: Many ways can be found utilizing this tool, whether you plan to address the whole group or break them into smaller groups during center rotations or even as homework assignments. Indeed, this adaptable tool proves itself useful for any class size! In conclusion, it aims at setting stable foundations simplifying learning journey while encouraging responsibility and engagement among students!

What's Included

This resource includes:

EDITABLE PowerPoint slides for your Interactive Smartboard

EDITABLE Checklist for Discussing Routines, Procedures & Expectations

Animated Slides to Guide your Discussion

A4 Printable Slides

Classroom Rules Contract

Time Out Behaviour Reflection Slips (Behaviour Spelling Included)

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