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SEL Interactive Book: Expectations for Class Party Behavior

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About This Product

Social Story is an interactive resource designed to establish behavior expectations for hosting a class party. This innovative tool allows children to be the central characters of the story, encouraging them to answer questions, color, and sketch pictures while discussing behavioral norms and their importance during a class celebration. It's a superb method to ensure your students maintain appropriate behavior while commemorating their achievements!


  • Explanation of Social Story

  • Full Book Print-out of Social Story

  • Half-Page Print-out of Social Story

  • Guideline for Discussion

  • Google Slides Version

Age Group:

This resource is most suitable for children aged 7-12.


METHOD 1: Whole Class Instruction

-Print a half-page book for each student

-Display the book on an interactive board using the Google Slide Deck

-Complete the book collectively, with students filling out their own copies

-Discuss each page with the assistance of the Discussion Guide!

METHOD 2: Whole Class Remedy

-Direct students to a quiet corner for calming down

-Encourage students to revisit their social story to reevaluate expectations

-Allow students to regain composure before addressing them

-An effective initial step in your progressive discipline strategy!

METHOD 3: Small Group Approach

-Ideal for teachers, school counselors, or therapists

-Form a small group based on behavioral needs

-Print a copy of the book for each student

-Fill out the book as each student completes their own

-Use the Discussion Guide for page-by-page conversation

-Students can take the book back to the classroom or home for reviewing expectations as required!


-A wonderful way to cater to individual student needs

-Work through the book one-on-one with the student

-Allow the student to keep the book in their desk for revisiting when required

-PRO TIP: Opt for the bundle to be ready to address all individual student needs that emerge!

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