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Flag Day Reading Writing Drawing Activity Packet

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History: USA


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Flag Day Reading Writing Drawing Activity Packet

This activity packet is designed to engage your students in learning about Flag Day. It provides a variety of activities suitable for different student levels from grade 1 through 5. This pack offers tasks that cater to each competency level, challenging high achievers while supporting students who may struggle.

Rather than just being a collection of worksheets, this Flag Day packet focuses on various topics such as 'What is Flag Day?', 'Our National flag', and 'American Words and Sentences'.

  • To enhance understanding for each topic, it includes reading materials supplemented by related “Read, Think ,Respond” activities.
  • Learners can apply their knowledge to complete follow-up exercises like the 'Reading Response'.

The packet also allows for an interactive learning approach with projects like creating a Flag Certificate or solving word puzzles focused on specific vocabulary regarding Flag Etiquette.

Drawing and Mathematical Activities Included!

Besides reading and writing exercises, the packet encourages critical thinking skills development through art assignments such as ‘Flag at School’ drawing plus writing task or ‘Old Glory Color By Number’. Math concepts are reinforced via enjoyable tasks such as finding largest or smallest numbers related to flag day or solving intriguing word problems themed around it.

A Flexible Resource for all Educators!

Ideal for both traditional classrooms and homeschool settings – this resource offers flexibility; whether you want to use it for whole group study sessions, smaller group classes, individual homework assignments or even fun Friday breakout sessions!

We welcome feedback so we can continue improving our educational resources. Don't forget to check out other available activity packets covering topics such as Summer Literacy & Maths.

What's Included

This packet includes:

• What is Flag Day?

• What is Flag Day? Read, Think, Respond (Close Read)

• Our National Flag

• Our National Flag Reading Response

• Flag Day Vocabulary

• Flag Etiquette

• Flag Etiquette Reading Response

• American Flag History

• American Flag History Reading Response

• Old Glory, the United States Flag

• Old Glory Read, Think, Respond (Close Read)

• Flag Day Draw and Write - the Flag at School

• Where You See The Flag - list

• Flag Day Words

• Flag Day Word Search

• Flag Day ABC Order

• American Words and Sentences

• Flag Day Acrostic Poem

• Old Glory Color By Number

• Flag Day Numbers - largest and smallest

• Flag Day Word Problems

• Flag Day Secret Code

• American Flag Maze

• Flag Certificate

• Flag Day KWL grid

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