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Foldable Mini Books: ACE Words

An educational teaching resource from The Connett Connection entitled Foldable Mini Books: ACE Words downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

In search of an engaging method to rehearse ACE words and silent E or magic E spelling competencies? These foldable mini books offer students a playful and interactive way to practice reading and writing the targeted CVCe words and phonics. These compact books are ideal for independent reading drills and group activities alike.

The package contains 8 foldable books featuring the ACE word family. The activities are designed for reading ACE words, writing them, and using them in simple sentences. The books have been differentiated to accommodate the varying skill levels of students, promoting success for all.

Inclusions in the foldable books:

  • ACE Words Reading Practice with 3 words (2 books)

  • ACE Words Reading Practice with 6 words (1 book)

  • My ACE Word Book (1 book)

  • ACE Words Writing Practice (2 books)

  • I Can Read (2 books)

These mini books afford students opportunities to practice reading, writing, and identifying ACE words individually, and in sentence contexts. They ensure student engagement with new words, and even allow them to take a book home for revision with parents. They promote ample practice with CVC words.

Suggested usage:

  • Tasks for early finishers

  • Homework assignments

  • Individual work

  • Small group exercises

  • Backup plans for substitute teachers

These foldable books offer an alternative approach for students to hone the focus skill. They require no preparation, offering a user-friendly, print-and-go activity suitable for early finishers, homework, or backup plans for substitute teachers.

Skills evaluated:

  • Reading ACE Words

  • Writing ACE Words

  • Recognizing ACE Words

The foldable mini books come with zero preparation required. Simply print them out and distribute them to students. The only task for students is to fold the page to assemble their book, without the need for scissors or staples!

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