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ACE Words Fluency Practice

ACE Words Fluency Practice
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Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

ACE Words Fluency Practice

ACE Words Fluency Practice is a specialized teaching resource designed to enhance reading fluency in early learners, primarily those in kindergarten and first grade. This comprehensive collection of activities focuses primarily on ACE words - the CVCe words featuring magic-e or silent-e spellings.

Dual-Subject Focus: Phonics and Reading

Structured as a dual-subject tool, it covers vital aspects of language arts studies focusing on phonics and reading. The resource is flexible enough to accommodate whole group instruction sessions, small group activities, or even homework assignments.

Included Resources

  • Word Fluency Strips
  • Sentence Strips
  • Sentence Fluency Pages
  • Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions
  • Sentence Pyramids
    • Note:

      If cutting up is not convenient at any point in time, materials like Reading Strips or Sentence Pyramids can be used in its complete format without losing their educational value.

      To make each page reusable:

      Laminate them! This increases durability and makes them valuable resources for literacy centers or class reading slots.
      Covered Skills:

      The skills this resource aims to develop include isolated word recognition skills (principally ACE words), sentence construction featuring ACE words skills; as well as comprehension skills related to understanding storylines involving frequent use of ACE Words.

      In Conclusion,
      The design philosophy behind this effective product draws heavily on teachers' collective experiences while imparting core language arts curriculum effectively for early learners. It brings together diverse teaching strategies aptly fitting K-1 classroom routines and helps foster children's confidence in grappling with complex spelling concepts, one step at a time!

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