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Frames, Labels, And Task Cards | Bright & Fun Themed

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About This Product

Frames, Labels, and Task Cards | Bright & Fun Themed

The Frames, Labels, and Task Cards | Bright & Fun Themed is a versatile teaching resource designed for educators including public school teachers and homeschoolers. This instructional tool provides a dynamic way to integrate quick and easy customized designs into the learning environment.

The one-stop kit comprises 75 pages of resources with vibrant colors:

  • Five shapes with editable text boxes each available in six diverse hues.
  • An easy-to-use design – just open the file, click on the given text box, input your content or images then save before printing.

Not being grade specific these frames/labels/task cards act as an all-rounded utility - from primary stages through high school classes. They can be utilized for:

  • Beautifying bulletin boards or drafting notes home.
  • Labeling filing cabinets/notebooks/material bins – making organization simple yet stylish!
  • Name tags for desks adding personality helping students navigate seating arrangements.

Much beyond routine tasks of creating schedules/assigning classroom jobs – they can be creatively used to :

  • Create 'brag tags' rewarding individual achievements to foster student motivation..

What's Included

Included Please Find 75 Pages::

5 Shapes with EDITABLE text boxes| Each Shape Comes In 6 Colors | 30 Pieces In All

Directions To Edit

Thank You

Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {For Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources}

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