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Frames, Labels, and Task Cards, Bright & Fun Themed, Editable

An educational teaching resource from Socially Skilled Kids entitled Frames, Labels, and Task Cards, Bright & Fun Themed, Editable downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Frames, Labels, and Task Cards, Bright & Fun Themed, Editable

Unleash the potential of Frames, Labels and Task Cards to breathe life into your educational environment. Whether you're a public school teacher or homeschooling parent, this resource simplifies the creation of lively projects both in the classroom and at home. Thanks to its editable feature, customizing is hassle-free - open up the file on Microsoft PowerPoint; click on text boxes; add preferred texts or pictures; save and print!

Coming in an array of 6 colors for every shape included allows coordination moments with flair. Designed for multitudinous purposes in mind: decorating bulletin boards becomes more fun due to various color themes available. The task cards can be utilized for setting daily schedules which students can easily follow along with regular checks as they progress through day's itinerary.

  • The Label Magic:

    Labeling has never been more fun! They serve as great tools for personalising filing cabinets or notebooks crafting a neat look while making retrieval easy during busy teaching times. Moreover teachers can create name tags using them giving students a sense of belonging right from their desks!

  • A Neatly Organized Classroom:

    Fancy having clear demarcations between different learning centres within your educational space? Simply utilise these bright themed labels to distinguish areas like reading corners etc., fostering an organized environment conducive for effective learning.

The Resource Package:

The resource includes 75 pages chock-full with features such as 5 shapes each bearing editable text boxes presented through vibrant choice of colors (30 pieces)! Moreover obtaining this package ensures access not only to an editable PowerPoint file but equally rewarding PDF version ideal after laminating that suits usage together alongside dry erase markers thereby extending its utility lifespan substantially.

In addition partake via Invitation In Teacher's Lounge where free weekly social skills resources are shared enhancing teacher's pedagogical repertoire further enriching student engagement & learning.

Universal Use:

This material combines functionality wrapped up within appealing design catering effectively towards generic teaching needs irrespective grade specifics offering endless possibilities how teachers may integrate them within daily routines (whole group, small group or homework) ensuring fluid classroom management while promoting engaging ambience.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 75 Pages

5 Shapes With EDITABLE Text Boxes| Each Shape Comes In 6 Colors | 30 Pieces

Same Set In PDF Version {Great to laminate and use with dry erase markers}

Directions To Edit

Thank You Page

Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {free, weekly social skills resources}

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Frames Labels Task Cards Editable Bright & Fun

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