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Frames, Labels and Task Cards, Fall Themed, Editable

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About This Product


The product, Frames, Labels and Task Cards, Fall Themed, Editable is a teacher's resource that will enhance the aesthetic environment of their classroom while providing an organized and interactive learning experience. It features splendid fall colors accentuated by autumn-inspired images.

Features & Customization

This set includes 30 items spread across six distinctive hues and five different shapes. Importantly each item within this pack offers an editable center for maximum customization.

User-Friendly Modification

  • Easily incorporate text or imagery as per requirement.
  • Edit by simply opening the file to click on area provided in each frame or label.
  • Add your preferred content then save and print as needed.

Versatile Application & Benefits For Learners

  • Suitable for use on bulletin boards with important notices or seasonal themes - injecting character into your classroom life.
  • Potential label usage includes tagging filing cabinets to student notebooks for more efficiency—ideal for organizers, brag tags or even name tags.
  • Foster accountability among students using bathroom tags whilst also being suitable for fun educational games – immersive learning at its best!
  • \ Daily schedules can be clearly defined improving time management skills amongst students or assigning classroom jobs promoting responsibility among youth.\ This aligns closely with providing structure during centers where education takes place through exploration activities. These labels also permit demarcation of table groups enhancing collaborative efforts among peers—an essential skill much-needed in future careers.

Versions & Economic Feasibility:

This set comes in two versions: Microsoft PowerPoint format which facilitates easy modification; PDF version that's ideal for laminations permitting repeated usage employing dry erase markers extending shelf life significantly—an economical choice!


Although not grade-specific, this resource is highly adjustable facilitating utilization across varied grades. Its theme anchored on the holiday season, mainly autumn, renders it an engaging tool capable of sparking student interest.

In Conclusion:

Remember, learning should be both enlightening and enjoyable; with Frames, Labels and Task Cards, Fall Themed, Editable, you can do just that! Tailor these splendid tools to your instruction style and witness how they will enliven your environment whilst generating an optimized learning ambiance even during the holidays!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 77 Pages

5 Designs with EDITABLE Text Space | Each In 6 Colors | 30 Pieces In All

Same Set In PDF Version {Great To Laminate and Use With A Dry Erase Marker}

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