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FREE Emojis Vocabulary - Digital Activities, Word List & Quiz + Cards

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Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

FREE Emojis Vocabulary - Digital Activities, Word List & Quiz + Cards

An educational resource perfect for teachers and homeschoolers that puts fun into vocabulary development for grades 1-3! The resource encapsulates both digital activities and printable worksheets centered around emojis to keep learning interesting.

The product features:
  • A straightforward 'Print & Go!' functionality that carries a vocabulary list introducing 20 emoji-related terms.
  • An accompanying vocabulary test to measure comprehension and memorization of taught words.
  • Flash Cards in two different levels with options of round or sharp corners according to your teaching preference.

In addition, an interactive activity titled Wacky Words encourages kids to pronounce these special terms while having fun.

Digital advantage:

The Vocabulary Presentation activity allows digitally presenting all the 20 emoji-related words without a hassle. This proves useful for group work in class or as homework assignments extending their learning beyond school hours.

Educators and parents – A valuable tool!

Educators aiming at enlivening their vocabulary lessons or parents trying to find worthy homeschooling resources will benefit greatly from this innovative tool. The product nicely merges students' love for emojis with productive learning. Plus, its dual nature (printable worksheets/digital activities) provides varied exposure hence boosting engagement on multiple fronts!

Note: For any queries or feedback relating to this product can be sent directly via email as detailed within the product description URL previously mentioned.

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