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French: Easter | Celebration article and worksheet

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Grade 11, 12



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About This Product

The French: Easter | Celebration Article and Worksheet

This is an educational resource designed to expose students in grades 10-12 to French culture. It delves deep into the traditions, significance, and customs of France's Easter celebrations. The central element of this teaching asset is a comprehensive article about French Easter traditions, divided into three manageable sections:

  • Easter Feasts
  • Easter Eggs
  • Who brings the chocolates and why?

A set of three worksheets accompany the article, each centered around a section from the write-up.

Worksheet Activities:
  1. Rewriting and rectifying sentences for grammar practice within context.
  2. An exercise involving verb conjugation in specific sentences that mirror the text passages.
  3. (The chosen tense can be either present or imperfect.)
  4. An activity requiring responses to multiple questions that directly connect with areas treated in the write-up.
    (Responses should ideally be given in French.)

This resource extends beyond just printable content with its editable word documents; ideal for customization according to unique classroom needs or curriculum demands.

A bonus inclusion is a PowerPoint presentation with 12 slides displaying different sections from articles plus activities and answers—perfect as visual support during group discussions.

Please note: This kit comes zipped. To use it all you need to do is unzip or extract the files.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-3 PDFs

-3 Word docs

-1 PowerPoint

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French culture Easter traditions Reading comprehension Language skills Classroom resources

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