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French: Les 400 Coups- François Truffaut- Article and Worksheet

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Grade 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

French: Les 400 Coups- François Truffaut- Article and Worksheet

This meticulously crafted resource is designed to engage advanced French learners within public schools or homeschooling environments. It provides a comprehensive review of the film Les 400 Coups by François Truffaut.

A Transformative Learning Approach

The package goes beyond factual information about the film. Instead, it offers an insightful study into three core aspects:

  • 'L'histoire' - The story,
  • 'Antoine Doinel,' and
  • 'Un film Nouvelle Vague' - A New Wave Film.

Versatile Incorporation Into Curricula

This resource can be used in either traditional classroom settings or online learning programs. Forward-thinking educators can orchestrate interactive sessions with a whole group or assign tasks as homework to encourage critical thinking.
It's noteworthy that every activity relates directly to unique sections of the article, offering students opportunities for robust comprehension.

Included Activities:
  1. Activity 1: Students read paragraph one and locate its French equivalent expressions.

  2. Activity 2: Involves analysing paragraph two prompting answers on various points illustrated therein.

  3. Activity 3:: Challenges individuals to utilize paragraph three as a base for translating given sentences into French.

This resource comes bundled not only in PDF format but also as Word documents making it convenient for teachers to deliver printed handouts or digital copies according their preference.

Benefits of Using This Resource

Notably, inclusion of this resource in a teaching portfolio promises to bridge linguistic gaps through organic conversations about cinematic classics such as Les 400 Coups. At the same time, it significantly improves both cultural understanding and French comprehension skills.

Suitable For:

This resource is primarily targeted towards students studying World Languages, specifically French, from Grade levels 10 up till Grade level 12. It actively contributes to creating diverse learners while fostering an appreciation for the French culture.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-3 PDFs

-3 Word docs

-1 PowerPoint

Resource Tags

François Truffaut Les 400 Coups French cinema New Wave film comprehension skills

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