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French Listening Comprehension - Arrival at Paris Airport - Aéroport

French Listening Comprehension - Arrival at Paris Airport - Aéroport
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

French Listening Comprehension - Arrival at Paris Airport - Aéroport

The French Listening Comprehension - Arrival at Paris Airport, is a teaching resource specifically designed to strengthen and test your students' understanding of listening comprehension in a real-life scenario. It incorporates a narrative focused on airports, public transportation, and the experience of arriving at Charles de Gaulle in the beautiful city of Paris.

This engaging activity includes multimedia resources like MP4 videos and MP3 audios coupled with student activity pages for easy usage.

Educator's Review

Many educators have found this lesson immensely useful due to its comprehensive plan that simplifies implementation while also presenting students with an achievable challenge. The narration follows a well-spoken traveler discussing her journey arriving at Paris airport, creating an authenticity that captures student interest while simultaneously broadening their vocabulary.

Vocabulary Practice and Grammar Topics

This resource further leverages multiple quiz-set studies allowing students to practice key vocabulary from the lecture comprehensively. The variety in question format can cater instruction towards whole group discussions, small group activities or even individual homework assignments thus providing ample opportunities for differentiation based on varying learning abilities among students.

  • Verb reflexives
  • Descriptive adjectives
  • Regular & irregular verbs

Above-listed grammar topics are covered throughout the narration which deepens grammatical understanding as well as improving overall language proficiency level. Moreover, interactive listening exercises cultivate real-life skills such as planning for success through goal setting whilst continually reporting formative assessment results.

User Testimonials:
"Teachers who have previously utilized this teaching resource noted its clear delivery pace offering valuable preparation for challenges faced while communicating abroad."

Overall this fun travel-themed exercise not only introduces French culture but also strengthens linguistic capabilities via practical application.

What's Included

1 zip file with 12 PDFs + 1 video MP4 + 7 audios MP3 + 32 page bonus LOTO game

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