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French-Literary Text- Mama Keita

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Grade 11, 12



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About This Product

French-Literary Text- Mama Keita

Welcome to a fascinating journey in French literature with a teaching resource that primarily focuses on the study of an excerpt from Nuit Blanche by Mama Keïta. This tool is specially designed for advanced students at Grade 11 and 12 studying World Languages, specifically French. It provides educators with a unique opportunity to engage students in rich literary work and enhance language skills simultaneously.

The complete .zip folder contains resources that can be easily implemented in different learning environments - whole-group instructions, small group activities or individual homework tasks. The package includes:

  • A French extract from “Nuit Blanche” by Mama Keïta.
  • An English equivalent for parallel text exercises.

To stimulate higher cognitive engagement, there's also a worksheet integrated with two engaging activities: 'find the equivalent' and 'fill in the gaps,' collectively accounting for 12 marks. These activities aim to encourage learners to interact closely with the text while developing key language skills such as translation competence and understanding context clues. For efficient grading, teachers are provided with versions inclusive of answers.

This product also comes equipped with a concise PowerPoint presentation composed of six slides that capture essential information about:

  1. The author,
  2. Description of the text,
  3. Instructions for exercises,
  4. Solutions tune them into teaching sessions more effectively.

The varying forms embedded within this material (namely .pdf files, word documents) are tailored keeping in mind diverse requirements aligning teacher preferences or technological feasibility across different educational setups.

"Delve into textual subtleties spanning both English & French will capacitate learners by enhancing linguistic dexterity besides cultivating a deep cultural understanding through the medium of literature studies."

Additionally, there are more similar resources available focusing on other renowned writers like Guy de Maupassant & Gérard de Nerval. These offer a broader theme spectrum for in-class discussions or comparative literary studies, making it an educator’s indispensable resource.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-3 PDFs

-3 Word docs

-1 PowerPoint

Resource Tags

French literature Mama Keïta Nuit Blanche parallel text language skills

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