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French Regular ER Verbs Conjugation Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

French Regular ER Verbs Conjugation Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors

Oriented towards creating an engaging learning environment, this teaching resource is a game-based learning tool that brings fun into practice of conjugating regular ER verbs in French. The product utilizes the familiar concept of "rock, paper, scissors" where students engage in pairs to move successfully across the game board.

Usage Across Various Proficiency Levels:

The adaptive nature allows educators to integrate this activity across various proficiency levels and tenses according to class requirements.

Sentences for Practice:

Sentences like "La pierre écrase les ciseaux," "La feuille enveloppe la pierre," and "Les ciseaux découpent la feuille"—encourage much French conversation. A student's task is then progressing by conjugating and translating verbs using given subject pronouns when landing on particular spaces.

A Complete Resource

  • Instructions are provided on how to play along with games targeted exclusively towards specific verbs—être, aller, avoir—and faire —and one more combined usage variation.
  • The instructions are in English making it user-friendly even for non-French instructors.
  • Tense-modifications make these games appealing teaching tool.
  • This resource can be utilized as a laminated reusable document pre or post classes!

Included ER Verbs (Sample):
  1. Parler
  2. Utiliser
  3. Visiter
  4. Trouver
  5. Travailler

This product proves its flexibility by offering numerous regular ER verbs options - 35 included such as above list - increasing its relevancy within any part of French language teaching journey!


The product is available for students from Grade 7 to Grade 12 and comes in the easy-to-use PDF format.

To conclude, this resource brings an element of entertainment into learning whilst driving academic progress, proving itself as an effective tool for any French language educator making language learning enjoyable yet effective!

What's Included

4 PDFs

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