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French Regular IR Verbs Conjugation Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

French Regular IR Verbs Conjugation Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors

This engaging teaching resource is designed to enhance French language learning in an interactive way. Focusing on conjugating regular IR verbs, the game takes inspiration from the universally known Pierre, Feuille, Ciseaux, ensuring students practice while having fun.

Employing 22 regular IR verbs such as accomplir (to accomplish), choisir (to choose), and finir (to finish), students play in pairs using quick rounds of Pierre, Feuille, Ciseaux to progress on the game board. Upon landing on a space featuring a verb and subject pronoun combination they must conjugate and translate it. Victory goes to the first student that reaches 'la fin'!

Who will benefit?

  • Suitable for grades 7-12 students studying world languages or specifically French sub-subjects.
  • Fits well into both full classroom activities or smaller study groups.
  • An excellent homework task that promotes independent learning.

Tips for Teachers:

This versatile resource is highly adaptable; teachers can adjust:

  1. The tenses used according to their needs making it applicable across different proficiency levels..
  2. No additional preparation needed which saves lesson planning time.

Note: Since instructions are written in English this material is manageable even for non-French speaking substitute teachers – a handy emergency plan!

To implement simply print multiple copies; laminate them if long-lasting usage is anticipated.

Ideal Review Tool:

Bored of humdrum revision sessions? This game is a perfect choice. As exams approach, schedule review sessions with ‘Pierre, Feuille, Ciseaux’. Not only will it make the session entertaining but will also reinforce vocabulary acquisition and grammar basics by encouraging consistent verb conjugation practice– mastering French has never been so enjoyably effortless!

What's Included

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French verbs Conjugation practice Regular IR verbs Game-based learning Language acquisition

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