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Friendship Dos nd Don'ts Boom Cards With Audio and a Reflection Sheet

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Life Skills



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About This Product

Friendship Dos and Don'ts Boom Cards With Audio and a Reflection Sheet:

An essential tool for educators, this resource is tailored excellently for those teaching kindergarten through third grade. It supplements lessons on life skills most effectively while maintaining an engaging atmosphere in the classroom.

Product Features:
  • A 30-card deck known as Boom Cards, each equipped with audio
  • Adaptable to all learning speeds and styles
  • Information about behaviors that nurture friendships

This resource can also be used effectively for small group work or given as homework assignments. This flexibility allows educators maximum adaptability to incorporate these cards according to their teaching style or current lesson plan format.

A Google Doc Reflection Sheet:

An exciting facet of this product is the linked reflection sheet which comes in a Google Doc format suitable for older students who possess reading and writing abilities.

The Platform -

Leveraging modern technology, plays host to these Boom Cards. Once you provide your class with a simple fast pin number—they are ready for immediate use thanks to quick web-based accessibility.

Note on Compatibility:

Please note that usage of internet connection is integral here as Boom Cards function smoothly on modern browsers (including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) along with compatible apps available on Android devices iPads iPhones Kindle Fire tablets etcetera.An additional feature worth mentioning here includes adult control measures such as assigning cards using Fast Pins that provide immediate student feedback-a self-grading system-and monitored progress via premium account registration. For first-timers, a free trial provides info about additional functionalities.

Final Note:

The Friendship Dos and Don'ts Boom Cards With Audio and a Reflection Sheet deliver an innovative approach for educators to instill life lessons into their students' minds practically and interactively while encouraging self-introspection about their social behavior. These interactive cards provide valuable teaching resources that harmonize modern technology's perks with traditional instruction plans most professionally.

What's Included

A ZIP file with a PDF with the paid Boom Card link embedded in the image and a reflection sheet for older students who can read and write.

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