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Sweet Or Sour Friendship Behaviors Boom Cards? (With Audio)

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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Sweet or Sour Friendship Behaviors Boom Cards (With Audio)

An interactive teaching tool designed to coach kindergarten to third-grade students in relationship management. Built strategically with resources focusing on life skills training, these task cards are both visually engaging and inviting.


  • The product houses 25 task cards each adorned with attractive visuals.
  • Each card subtly incorporates elements of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) .
  • Inspired by a fruit bowl theme, the behavior is classed as sweet - watermelon-like charm, or sour - like lemons.
  • Voice-overs can be found on every card—eliminating the need for reading. One that all auditory learners will undoubtedly appreciate.

Evaluation and Feedback

The Sweet or Sour Friendship Behavior deck lets you see real-time evaluation through its instant feedback Fast Pins feature. This handy function allows self-grading—a potentially time-saving tool facilitating classroom management. A major bonus point? It stimulates independent learning among students while giving teachers an overall view of class progress on individual student development.

Compatibility and Accessibility

Built for broad accessibility, these boom cards play well across modern browsers like Chrome, Safari Firefox,and Edge along with various mobile devices such as Androids iPhones iPads Kindle Fires allowing ease of use irrespective of the user's tech knowledge at home.

Versatility in Implementation

This resource can easily be incorporated across different settings like:

  1. Whole-class instruction
  2. Small group work
  3. '; < li >Independent assignments li>, Homework reviews etc.It sneakily makes learning fun almost disguising it as a game thus allowing teachers more room for engagement encouragement further education.

    Privacy Note

    Please note that adults must have their own Boom Learning account due to privacy reasons. However, they offer a free trial for newbie users and also provide student progress reports after acquiring the premium account.

What's Included

A PDF with the link to the Boom cards.

Resource Tags

friendship behaviors social-emotional learning relationship management life skills training interactive resource

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