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Friendship Roller Coaster Ride SEL Lesson (The Ups & Downs of Friendship) Plus Handout

Friendship Roller Coaster Ride SEL Lesson (The Ups & Downs of Friendship) Plus Handout
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6

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About This Product

Title: Friendship Roller Coaster Ride SEL Lesson (The Ups & Downs of Friendship) Plus Handout

Ideal for teachers and homeschooling parents, the Friendship Roller Coaster Ride SEL Lesson is a unique resource designed to teach students about the nuances of friendships. Utilising an engaging roller coaster analogy, this teaching aid offers thought-provoking discussions around friendship’s peaks and valleys. Aimed at grade 3-6 students, it focuses on developing their interpersonal skills within the broader context of life skills education.

Structurally packaged as a PowerPoint presentation (which can conveniently be uploaded to Google Slides), it encourages pupils to introspect and reflect on key friendship dynamics through its inbuilt handout activity. Students can understand what brings them closer or creates distance with friends while evaluating moments that make them secure or upset within their friendships.

  • With an additional layer of multipurpose usage, this product works across various settings - whole group sessions, small group discussions or even as take-home assignments.
  • It serves as an instrument not only for conventional teaching but also cooperative learning experience where children share their perspectives collectively.

Last but not least, the product goes beyond just discussion and reflection by introducing an 'extension exercise'. Here students get creative - using school supplied materials they are encouraged to create their very own roller coaster themed game board complemented with customised 'friendship question' cards which spark insightful conversations about friendship among peers.

Note:Crafted originally in Google Slides and later adapted into a Microsoft PowerPoint version, this teaching tool provides educators a platform for meaningful exchanges concerning emotional health during impressionable years – nurturing learners who are emotionally equipped to positively handle diverse social scenarios in life.

Gear up for this immersive journey that explores complex human emotions through simple tools. It's a lesson plan guaranteed to keep young minds intrigued!

What's Included

A PPT presentation to teach about friendship skills.

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Friendship dynamics Interpersonal skills Roller coaster analogy Reflection activity Cooperative learning

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