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Frogs Phonetic Reading Book: Easy Reader

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About This Product

This Frogs easy reader is great for children who are just learning to read longer books using their knowledge of phonics.

Children can learn about the life cycle of a frog while they develop their reading skills. This is important for children who need to learn to integrate their new skills into their reading.

The child is supported to read fluently as the book only uses commonly taught sight words and all other words are decodable. This gives the child much-needed confidence to read.

This is a non-fiction book, providing a gentle introduction to non-fiction for emerging readers.

It can be used alongside a project on Frogs, or stand-alone.

It can be used with any programme once a child has learned the basic digraphs and trigraphs. This includes after Phase 5 of Letters and Sounds and after RWI Speed Set 3.

Who is it for?

It is ideal for use in the classroom, for ESL/EFL, for home education

It can be used with children aged 5 to 7, or with older struggling readers, especially those with special needs.

Parents teachers and private tutors can use it - anyone who needs it!

Main features:

Phonetic language

It is written in a clear font and has plenty of drawings and original photos to aid understanding.

The sight words that are most likely to need practising are listed at the beginning of the book for practice before the book is read.

It features original artwork.

How can it be used?

This Frogs easy reader can be used with individual students, for guide reading with small groups, or shared with pupils online. It can be sent home with children for home-learning.

It can be blown up large for guided reading with a whole class or group

It can be used alongside a project on frogs, spring or amphibians, or as a stand-alone reader

What is included?

1 PDF with 24 A5 pages: Print as a booklet, side fold


This book is one of a series. You can find more of such books in the Lilibettes Resources Store:



The Song Thrush

Lifecycle of an Apple Tree

Find a frog to colour here:

You can also find our Frogs PowerPoint and Worksheets here:

What's Included

1 PDF with 24 A5 pages: Print as a booklet, side fold

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