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GCSE Literature: (0) ‘An Inspector Calls’ – An Introduction to the Text

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

GCSE Literature Resource

The GCSE Literature resource revolves around the engaging tale of ‘An Inspector Calls’ by JB Priestley. This literary classic challenges societal structures, specifically addressing class systems and gender biases.

The Setting and Importance

Set in a dramatic atmosphere, the Birling family is brought face-to-face with the relentless Inspector Goole who forces them to critically analyse their discriminatory attitudes towards working-class individuals. As we navigate through an era that incessantly scrutinizes privilege and hierarchical structures, this text becomes vital for students.

A Versatile Learning Tool

this learning tool has been utilized over two decades in varied ways - to spearhead classroom teaching or as a handy tool for remote learning sessions. Furthermore, it can serve well for homework assignments or even as a revision aid – proving effective in all of these roles.

  • Housed in an interactive PowerPoint presentation consisting 24 slides that cover approximately ninety minutes worth teaching time it provides a seamless gateway into the story under study.
  • Presents numerous focused activities closely connected with the author's life and work which actively engage students.
  • Incorporates written projects and speaking/listening tasks coherently linked with leading themes from 'An Inspector Calls.'
  • Included are observation based tasks centred around character development of standout personalities within this story.

Carefully Structured Lessons & Diverse Applications

Kickstarting at an easy pace with an introductory activity, it progressively traverses through extension tasks culminating into a homework assignment at its end – thereby providing learners with knowledge retention practice while reducing extraneous workload on teachers' end.

  • Aimed at grades 9-10-11-12; this resource caters effectively to Language Arts students. Tutelage in Literature sub-subjects is predominantly offered via neatly formatted lesson plans on Microsoft PowerPoint format at ease.
  • Its comprehensive nature allows easy adaptability making it suitable for whole group schooling environment or more specialized smaller groups alike - customized as per the teacher's discretion.

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 24 ready to display slides

Resource Tags

Inspector Calls JB Priestley class systems gender biases societal structures

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