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GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘Man Hunt’ by Simon Armitage

GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘Man Hunt’ by Simon Armitage
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘Man Hunt’ by Simon Armitage

A comprehensive, practical teaching resource aimed to deepen students' understanding of poetry while exploring wartime experiences and their impact on marital relationships. This thorough lesson plan walks learners through the striking world in Simon Armitage's poem 'Man Hunt'. Suitable for both public school and homeschooling environments.

Product Description:

This product offers a broad package that surpasses traditional norms of teaching poetry. It includes 20 engaging PowerPoint slides, captivates learners from the outset with various activities.

  • The streamlined deck kicks off with an intriguing starter activity, interconnecting language arts elements while luring pupils into 'Man Hunt' narrative world.
  • An author background slide helps students connect deeper with Simon Armitage, cultivating a rich appreciation for his work within your audience.
  • Succeeding slides lead pupils through structured inquiries about content-language-structure features, fostering critical consideration about these vital aspects of poetic craftsmanship.
  • More layers of engagement include an academic writing task which hones their expressive skills while processing complex 'Man Hunt' themes; alongside an extension task to intensify student comprehension further and a homework assignment acting as reinforcement cum evaluation method at learner's comfort.
  • The presentation wraps up maturely with a plenary reviewing crucial learning points. Whether you're employing distance learning modules or traditional classroom methods, this tool adapts to multiple modes while optimizing learner results – truly an exceptional educator's utility for effective pedagogy.

Suitability & Preparation:

Ideal for Grades 9-12 under Language Arts curriculum focusing on poetry studies. Best part is - no extra teacher preparation needed! Just download this Microsoft PowerPoint file type lesson plan and be ready for engrossing sessions ahead.

In a nutshell, GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘Man Hunt’ by Simon Armitage is beyond just a lesson plan - it's an enriching journey propelling learners towards the mastery of language arts through a compelling piece of poetry.

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 20 ready to display slides

Resource Tags

poetry analysis wartime experiences marital relationships Simon Armitage critical thinking

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