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GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘No Problem’ by Benjamin Zephaniah

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

GCSE Poetry Lesson: ‘No Problem’ by Benjamin Zephaniah

This is an extensively designed teaching resource primarily for educators teaching grades 9 to 12. It focuses on the enlightening poem 'No Problem' by acclaimed poet Benjamin Zephaniah, which delves into the significant themes of racial stereotypes and discrimination.

What does this product include?

  • An elegantly designed PowerPoint with 17 ready-made slides
  • A short yet enriching biography of poet Benjamin Zephaniah
  • Included are questions concentrated on language-structure-content in poetry studies under Language Arts subject area.
  • An academic writing task that encourages critical thinking and efficient communication skills.
  • An extension task for deepened understanding and connecting previous knowledge.
  • A homework assignment to reinforce what was learned during the session while evaluating their understanding independently.
  • Note: This doubles as both a teaching tool and revision material accommodating both in-person or remote learning via platforms like Google Meet lessons.

    *Wrapping up this resource is a plenary slide for summarising key points discussed - acting as final revision thread before progressing onto subsequent subjects.*
    In conclusion,
    This GCSE Poetry Lesson can be deemed invaluable resource material for poetry enthusiasts or Language Arts teachers aiming to educate using engaging methods that effectively contribute towards productive student outcomes using diverse implementation methods such as whole group instruction or small group discussions.

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 17 ready to display slides

Resource Tags

GCSE Poetry Benjamin Zephaniah Racial stereotypes Discrimination Critical thinking

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