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Geometry: Polygons - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-MAC

Geometry: Polygons - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-MAC
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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Geometry: Polygons - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-MAC

The Geometry: Polygons - Pre-Assessment & Teach the Skill - FLASH-MAC is an all-inclusive teaching resource designed for teachers and homeschoolers alike. This resource emphasizes on explaining Polygons as part of Geometry, catering to students between Grade 3-5.

  • Standards-Aligned:This tool conforms with both Common Core State Standards and directives from NCTM, ensuring significant academic progress within accepted educational guidelines.
  • Languages: To make content accessible to a wider audience, it offers English voice-over and text as standard options. There's also a provision for Spanish voice-over and text.
  • 'Teach The Skill' Lesson Plans: Alongside pre-assessments activities for solidifying foundational knowledge on polygons, it incorporates lesson plans suited to varying student strengths in classroom or homeschool environments.
  • Versatile Compatibility:This SUS format friendly software can facilitate whole classroom instruction groups or targeted small group sessions. It is also appropriate as homework assignments to reinforce learning outside school walls.
  • Auxiliary Math Tools:Included are finely made math tools functioning as significant reinforcements during teaching sessions. These present tangible contextual cues helping students grasp vital facets of geometric polygons more effectively.

To Conclude...

All these attributes make our product significantly different from typical resources available. With its immersion capability intertwined with conformance to recognized structures, your pupils will embark on an enjoyable and constructive learning journey backed by our comprehensive geometry solution –"Geometry: Polygraphs –Pre-Assessment & Teach The Skills – FLASH MAC".

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