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Geometry: Polygons - Practice the Skill 1 - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Geometry: Polygons - Practice the Skill 1 - FLASH-MAC Software

A highly interactive and engaging teaching tool, aimed at enhancing geometry learning among Grade 3 to Grade 5 pupils.

Program Highlights:
  • Constructed on solid, curriculum-based content.
  • Promotes understanding through interactive timed drill activities that teach polygon identification.
  • Incorporates math tools into system design for easy problem-solving.
"Ensuring accessibility and inclusivity", this program features:
  • An English voice over with text guide for auditory and visual learners alike.

  • A Spanish version ensuring linguistic inclusivity.

Educational Standards Compliance:

This resource aligns seamlessly with both the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) & National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards, thus complying with national education norms and providing comprehensive coverage of geometry curriculum requirements.

  1. Whole-class teaching sessions where geometric shapes are projected on smart boards for collective identification.

  2. Small group activity sessions encouraging productive discussions about polygons.

  3. Homework assignments promoting independent study.

The design incorporates 'STEM' initiatives equipping students for fields like engineering at later stages.

In summary, Geometry: Polygons - Practice The Skill 1- FLASH-MAC offers high-quality instruction using diversified techniques leaving no room for obscurity around geometry's rigorous concepts!

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