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Geometry: Polygons - Learn the Skill - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Geometry: Polygons - Learn the Skill - FLASH-MAC

This multifaceted educational resource for grade 3-5 students teaches polygons within geometry. Tailored to educators in both public school system or homeschool environments, it aligns with Common Core State Standards, NCTM guidelines and STEM initiatives.

Main Features:

  • Real-world word problems: Engage students by making learning interactive and enhancing understanding of polygons in everyday contexts.
  • Learner tools: Math tools provided within this package assist students in practicing and consolidating vital geometric concepts.
  • Bilingual support: The product has English and Spanish voiceovers and texts, allowing language diversity in classrooms.

This software can be used in multiple instructional settings such as whole group instruction, small group discussion or reinforcement activities at home. Hence, providing flexibility to cater each learner's individual needs—making it an asset for differentiated instruction strategies. Through careful design, complex geometrical concepts are simplified into engaging lessons which pique learners' mathematical curiosity while meeting necessary educational benchmarks.

Purchase Details & Compatibility:

The purchase includes one Product File containing all essential materials needed for effective teaching without needing any additional supplement — a convenient comprehensive resource tool. Designed to function seamlessly on MAC machines for maintaining efficiency during hectic academic days. Made by educators for educators;, Geometry: Polygons - Learn the Skill - FLASH-MAC meets multiple classroom demands thus making learning captivating yet manageable—a perfect Science/Math/STEM solution that embodies creativity committed quality education!

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