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Geometry: Transformations & Symmetry - FLASH-MAC

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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

Geometry: Transformations & Symmetry - FLASH-MAC

An exhaustive teaching utility to simplifying geometric concepts of transformations and symmetry. Designed for grades 3 to grade 5 pupils, this tool offers various layers of learning materials at your disposal.

Pre-Assessment and Lesson Plan

The structure incorporates pre-assessment to gauge students’ prior understanding followed by an detailed lesson plan.

Exercises & Activities

  • "Learn by doing": real-world word problem exercises that enhance problem-solving skills in geometry.
  • Timed drills: Enforces quick comprehension without compromising mathematical precision.

Numerous Learning Resources

In addition, several other math tools are integrated which aid visualization making comprehension easier even for complex geometrical theories.

The teachers' guide acts as a navigation compass providing instructive tips at every step ensuring a transformative teaching experience both for the instructors and the learners.

Included Games:
  1. - Memory match game: Promotes cognitive development
  2. - Classic board game: Focuses on strategic thinking
  3. - Lively spinner game: Enhances agility while reinforcing geometry concepts e.g., transformations & symmetry
Note:This platform incorporates SMART Response Assessment offering real-time individualized feedback. Particularly inclusive, it comes with English voice over & text but also includes an option for Spanish translation.
The software file type is compatible specifically designed for MAC devices only, enabling effortless integration into your digital ecosystem.

A must-have tool in any educator's quiver to spark a transformative geometrical journey ahead!

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