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German Verbs with "an"

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About This Product

This German grammar lesson teaches students how to use some of the most common verbs that are paired with the preposition "an". Since the preposition "an" is a two-way preposition (Wechselpräposition), this lesson also teaches students which case to use with the preposition in each example and why it takes that case.

The bundle comes with a copy of the lesson script as a PDF and a copy of the audio from the lesson as an MP3 file. There is also a PDF list of verbs used in the lesson. Students can also practice what they have learned with the worksheet which includes a matching section to test their knowledge of the meanings of the verbs and a fill-in-the-blank style exercise through which the students can test their understanding of the accusative and dative cases with adjective endings and these verb plus preposition combinations.

Verbs included in this lesson are as follows:

ändern an

arbeiten an

sich beteiligen an

denken an

erkranken an

sich erinnern an

fehlen an

sich gewöhnen an

glauben an

sich halten an 

hindern an

hängen an

leiden an

liegen an

sich orientieren an

sterben an 

teilnehmen an

vermieten an

sich wenden an

zweifeln an

This lesson follows this video on YouTube.

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