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German: Winter Holidays Speaking Card Set

German: Winter Holidays Speaking Card Set
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About This Product

This is a German: Winter Holidays Speaking Card Set.


This simple set of speaking cards is great for your English-speaking students and your ESL students who are building their language skills in the English language. Students can work in pairs or groups of 3-4. You can also pull students in a small group with you to better assess their progress and mastery. These speaking cards are great because they come in a variety of themes and topics, so students will be able to increase their vocabulary.


You can choose to do a few different activities when you use these speaking cards:

1. Students can take turns picking a card from the stack. They can read the card aloud (in German or English) and then answer the question on the card.

2. Same as number 1, but the partner can answer the question instead of the person who picked the card.

3. Same as number 1, but both partners (or everybody in the group) can write their answer down on paper.

4. Same as number 1, but students can practice writing down the question and their individual answer to the question.


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