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GHOSTS Gr. 3-5

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Grade 3, 4



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About This Product

GHOSTS Gr. 3-5 Resource

The GHOSTS Gr. 3-5 resource is a fantastic teaching tool, designed for teachers looking to bring the Halloween spirit into their classrooms. This resource is specifically catered towards Grade 3 and Grade 4 students with activities aimed to match their curriculum needs.

Classroom Fun with An Educational Twist

The main emphasis of this educational resource is integrating Halloween's festive elements into numerous classroom activities. Each activity has been creatively put together with holiday-themed elements, left deliberately open-ended to encourage children's personal interpretations enhancing learning outcomes.

A Comprehensive Collection of Learning Material

This product comprises a comprehensive set of 37 printable PDF pages, each brimming with engaging content that will pique the curiosity of young minds while imparting valuable knowledge - all tied up in a fun Halloween theme!

  • Although it comes under 'Holidays' within subjects, you can easily link or incorporate it into your lesson plans as per necessity – be it class discussions or structured breaks bringing students together in small groups.
  • This tool works exceedingly well even for homework assignments—hand out individual task sheets from this PDF centered around the ghostly narrative of Halloween — making out-of-school learning an exciting adventure!

Versatile and Adaptable Resources at Your Disposal!

The versatile nature of GHOSTS Gr. 3-5 ensures you're getting more than just a ‘holiday-themed package’. You are receiving an adaptive toolkit that can also enrich popular culture awareness among students about global events like 'Halloween'. This helps facilitate better comprehension about varied global festivities among young learners.

Note: This resource is great not only for Halloween enthusiast teachers, but also on days when you're stretched thin creatively. Any page from the GHOSTS Gr. 3-5 package can bring a splash of fun into any regular lesson!

So, inspire your learners with this unique high-spirited resource and let the spook-tacular learning begin!

What's Included

1 PDF with 37 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

ghosts Halloween stories phonics activity poems haiku

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