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Gingerbread Man Craft for Build a Gingerbread Man or Roll a Gingerbread Man Activity, Dice Game

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About This Product

Gingerbread Man Craft for Build a Gingerbread Man or Roll a Gingerbread Man Activity, Dice Game

This resource is perfect for the early learning stages, specifically from preschool through grade 1.

The Activity:
  • Students design their gingerbread man using different colored templates. Templates include features like body style, legs, face components and various accessories. They are available in both color and black & white formats.
  • The goal is not only creativity but also engaging young learners in matching shapes with numbers.
  • The students roll a dice and match the resulting number to the provided visual guide.
  • This activity caters to different student experiences and abilities within one group. There are two versions available.
  • Apart from its application in craft creation, it introduces students to basic mathematical concepts such as subitizing (recognizng numbers without needing to individually count). This enhances overall numeracy skills...
Multipurpose Use:

This versatile activity can be used:

  1. In play centers where children experiment independently or cooperatively;
  2. In small groups where teachers provide guidance;
  3. An arts/craft table project for hands-on development;

  4. Morning activities;
Holiday Lessons Enhancement: You can incorporate this into comprehensive seasonal lessons about winter holidays including Christmas traditions.

This printable PDF bundle connects activities like baking holiday treats with classroom instructions.
It's an ideal resource whether you're a public school teacher something unique for your curriculum or if you're homeschooling looking for interactive educational materials

What's Included

What's included in this "Roll a Gingerbread Man Craft":

24 individual house pieces in both color and black & white

2 picture frames – 2 color, 2 bw

Roll and Build number legend sheet – 2 versions

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Gingerbread Man Craftivity Dice Game Numeracy Skills Holiday Activity

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