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The Gingerbread Man eBook

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled The Gingerbread Man eBook downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

The Gingerbread Man eBook

A Teaching Resource for Early Learners

This eBook is designed to instill a love for reading in early learners, particularly those from Kindergarten to Grade 3. "The Gingerbread Man" is a classic tale that comes alive with repetitive rhymes and entertaining illustrations.

The Storytelling

In the delightful story, a gingerbread man who comes to life runs amok across a farm leading an exciting chase. It features memorable characters including an old woman, her husband and a sly fox, enhanced by charming details such as raisin eyes, a cherry mouth and nut buttons.

Classroom Adaptability

  • Full Group Read-Alouds: This material can be presented for whole class participation promoting listening skills and encouraging group discussion.
  • Small Group Exercises: Teachers can apply this resource during small group sessions targeting on enhancing reading abilities amongst students of similar levels.
  • Solo Reading: Flexibility also allows it to cater individual learning needs or preferences allowing children to independent read at their own pace.
Holiday Connection & Sensory Experience

This eBook syncs beautifully with festive seasons especially Christmas aligning well with yearly curriculum planning.With the additional audio that accompanies this ebook auditory learners too can engage comfortably promoting language skill development in children.

Pedagogical Tool Par Excellence

No more fretting over needing additional supplies as everything needed could be accessed just by one click.Accommodating varied learning needs & ensuring overall linguistic development,this vibrant adventure kindles young imaginations paving way for holistic scholastic skill enhancement

What's Included

1 zip file with book and audio

Resource Tags

gingerbread man reading comprehension rhymes engaging illustrations holiday season

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