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Good Sportsmanship Activity Booklet, Playing Fair Activities, Educational, Girl Scout Badge Resource

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Grade 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Good Sportsmanship Activity Booklet, Playing Fair Activities, Educational, Girl Scout Badge Resource

This beneficial teaching resource focuses on the development of good sportsmanship skills among students in middle school grades (Grades 6 to 8). It is a practical addition to any educator's toolkit and can be integrated into various subjects such as life studies, art & music, P.E. & Health.

The booklet provides interactive activities fulfilling the requirements for Cadette Good Sportsmanship badge. While initially designed for Girl Scouts, it can also be used by Frontier Girl leaders for similar badges.

  • Main Focus: To cultivate understanding and application of good sportsmanship. This includes showing respect toward players irrespective of results, maintaining fairness during interactions with coaches or referees and displaying maturity when subjected to differing judgments from officials.
  • Interactive Games: Highlighting both positive sportsmanship aspects as well as instances of poor conduct within sport environments.
  • Fostering Courtesy:The booklet propels students into examining circumstances where competitiveness coexists with politeness through experiential learning activities.
  • Inclusive Team Spirit: Tailored exercises teach young girls how they could emerge as supportive teammates through group work methodologies which emphasize previously learnt good sportsmanship skills.
  • Mental Preparedness: An exploration about psych-up techniques employed by professional athletes is presented for boosting their learning experience. Vision Board Activity:
    This assists in reinforcing their understanding by urging them to create vision boards reflecting everything learned about being a courteous sportsperson within class curriculum or co-curricular setup. Their artwork combined with recall abilities allows them consolidate the teachings about healthy competition practices and fair gameplay culture learnt through different stages of this resourceful booklet.

In spite of not being officially associated with The Girl Scouts of USA or Frontier Girls, this resource aligns well with personal growth parameters. Therefore, it is a useful choice for educators seeking to instill value-based attributes in their students beyond conventional academics.

What's Included

Activities Include:

What does good sportsmanship mean? – learn more about what is considered good sportsmanship and what is bad sportsmanship with two different fun interactive games.

Be competitive and a good sport – Explore more examples of good sportsmanship while also moving around with a fun activity. Then get creative while continuing to learn more about being a good sport.

What makes a good teammate? – complete a few activities and games designed to build team work and use good sportsmanship skills learned in the first 2 activities of this booklet.

Picture yourself achieving success – try a few different psych-up techniques used by professional sports players.

Sportsmanship in action – Time to get creative by first creating a good sportsmanship vision board about everything learned within this booklet and design a fun game to play with others to practice good sportsmanship.

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