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Gorilla | Jointed Paper Craft | Articulated Animal Art Project | Ape

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About This Product

This is a Gorilla Jointed Animal Craft for you and your students to enjoy! These paper crafts are so realistic and anatomically correct that you feel like you could reach out and touch. I hope as you incorporate these animal crafts into your lessons, your students can feel connected to these animals on a deeper and more meaningful level. I have provided them in realistic color and black and white for your students to color so that you can choose which is best for any particular situation.

This simple craft printable is ready to print and assemble! It's provided in a realistic color option and a black and white coloring option. We hope you enjoy the fabulous art- It's so real you could reach out and pet it!

How To Use This:

Decide whether you want a ready-to-print craft (the color version) or a craft for your students to color (the black and white version). Print enough for your students and supply them with brads, scissors, and crayons. Help them color the craft, cut out the pieces, and attach the pieces together with brads. Now you can move the animal and it feels like its alive!

This craft is perfect to pair with an animal, letter of the week, or picture book study. Add in a fun craft to any coordinating lesson to make it really stick! These paper crafts are also perfect to take babysitting, use in childcare settings, or during fun summer camps. Then send the craft home with your students so they can show off their work and fun project!


What You Get:

·        Realistic color articulated gorilla template

·        Realistic black and white articulated gorilla template

·        Set of photo instructions


I hope you enjoy!!


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I can be contacted for questions and concerns at

What's Included

1 PDF with 8 usable pages

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