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Grade 4 Gingerbread Cookie Math Worksheets and Activities

Grade 4 Gingerbread Cookie Math Worksheets and Activities
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Word Problems


Grade 4



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About This Product

The holidays can be such a bittersweet time in any educational environment. There are so many fun and activities to help celebrate this magical time. On the other hand, kids can be so squirrely with anticipation. Well, help has arrived! You have found the perfect combination of holiday celebration and engaging activities to keep your grade 4 learners focused while learning. This set of worksheets and activities covers a broad range of math topics for most 4th graders. All concepts presented meet mathematics standards and the best part is . . . it’s with a GINGERBREAD COOKIE theme. This product contains a color version and a black & white version. An answer key is also provided. PLEASE NOTE: Color and B&W versions are IDENTICAL.


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PAGES 1: Learners will solve word problems about gingerbread cookie sales.

PAGES 2-4: Learners will engage in a hands-on activity building multiplication arrays with gingerbread cookie characters.

PAGE 5: Learners will write multiplication equations based on given arrays.

PAGE 6: Learners will determine whether or not the multiplication problems are correct.

PAGE 7: Learners will write and solve division equations based on given data.

PAGE 8: Learners will round numbers to the nearest tens.

PAGE 9: Learners will solve a gingerbread cryptogram by adding monetary values.

PAGE 10: Learners will solve elapsed time problems based on times given on an analog clock.

PAGE 11: Learners will determine fractions based on type of gingerbread cookies on a plate.

PAGE 12: Learners will identify the names of various shapes and write about those shapes’ characteristics.

PAGE 13: Learners will cut and fold various shapes to determine lines of symmetry.

PAGE 14: Learners will draw and count lines of symmetry on the provided shapes.

PAGE 15: Learners will identify parallel lines of given shapes.

PAGE 16: Learners will identify whether or not given shapes are quadrilaterals and explain their reasoning.

PAGE 17: Learners will use the given data to complete the line plot graph.

PAGE 18: Learners will complete the gingerbread cookie picture graph.

PAGE 19: Learners will answer questions based on the data provided in the gingerbread cookie picture graph.

PAGE 20: Learners will solve word problems based on a provided gingerbread cookie recipe.


What's Included

20 pages of worksheets and activities (Color and B&W Versions)

Answer Key

PLEASE NOTE: Color and B&W Versions are IDENTICAL

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