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Grade 4 Transportation Math Task Cards

About This Product

Grade 4 Transportation Math Task Cards

Strengthen your student's mathematics ability with the Grade 4 Transportation Math Task Cards. This resource comes packed with 20 task cards specially crafted to engage students while aligning directly with grade 4 math standards. Its unique transportation theme ensures that children actively participate, enhancing their understanding of multiple concepts, including multiplication, division, elapsed time, fractions, geometry and measurement.

These task cards offer just the right balance of problem-solving questions that allow students to confidently deconstruct and work through word-related tasks in a variety of formats. Each question is designed to stimulate thinking while applying practical math situations related to daily life scenarios in a transport-themed setup.

User Flexibility

The set can be utilized as a group activity or for individual learners indoors or outdoors without losing any context. The task cards arrive in two versions - color and black & white; they are identical nonetheless and add flexibility based on preference or printing capabilities at hand.

What is included?

  • In this pack you will receive several pages of distinct sets of problems within engaging transportation contexts including:
    • Fractions
    • Multiplication (single-digit by single-digit)
    • Division (5-digit by 1-digit)
    • Unit conversions (cups and gallons).

      An answer recording sheet is provided for students' convenience along with an answer key supporting educators' effectiveness. Here's how it breaks down:
    • Page one:Covers fractions to multiplications;
    • Page two: Transitions from symmetry to subtracting fractions;
    • Page three: Introduces calculations involving money along with addition & subtraction;
    • Page four:Multiplication variants coupled with place value distinctions are introduced;
    • Gage five:Covers angle types, concludes with an answer recording sheet.

    Versatility of the Product

    This resource proves useful for classroom lessons, revision exercises or homework assignments. This set serves functionally while addressing virtually every aspect of grade four mathematics curriculum offering a balanced mix of theory and practice applications.


    • Please understand that this product is strictly digital in PDF format, ensuring ease of use across multiple platforms.

What's Included

20 Task Cards (color version and black & white version)

Answer Recording Page (2 sheets per page to reduce number of copies and ink)

Answer Key

PLEASE NOTE: color and b&w versions are IDENTICAL

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